N.P Garden and Landscape Services was established in 2000 to provide our customers with a reliable and professional service that was superior to that of the companies already operating in South Wales. Since then we have built up thousands of satisfied customers willing to act as references to the quality and efficiency of our work. As a result of this a large proportion of our work is achieved from personal recommendations, from past customers.


Latest award - January 2013


 For the second year running we have recieved a Marshalls award for our Landscaping. The award was for the best engineeering achievement for the project shown below. The project was up against strong competition from the whole of the south west of England of Wales and was presented on Tuesday eveining (15/1/13) at the annual awards ceremony.




        Presentation of Marshalls Award 2013                                                                                    










          Presentation of Marshalls award 2012



nick palmer


We have recently (2012) won an award against tough oppostition, to win the best patio transformation over 35meters for the whole of the south west of England and Wales. This award was presented by marshalls, (UKs leading supplier of quality paving products) and will now go up against the other regions in the UK, in Yorkshire in March.


 Following intensive inspections of our recent work and discussions with past customers, we have now become approved installers of Natural paving products. As specialists in natural paving anyway, this means we can now offer an even wider range of quality paving and driveway products, along with giving you, the customers complete peace of mind of the quality of our work, backed with our 5 year guarantee.


Add greatly to the value of your property by having your paving, landscaping and driveway installed by an approved installer. The Marshalls register of approved landscape contractors and driveway installers is a national network of approved professionals. Only installers whose workmanship reaches the highest standards demanded by marshalls are approved for membership.

We are fully insured with 2 million pound public liability insurance and full employers liability insurance.

deckingUnlike many companies we do not ask for upfront payments, we provide written quotations and all our work is guaranteed to provide you with complete peace of mind.

So often we hear from customers who have contacted other companies, who have not turned up on time, not returned their calls or  they have quoted a completely unaffordable price for the work.

We are different, we aim to provide all our potential customers with a reliable service. If we make an appointment to come and see you we will turn up on time, and if for some reason we are held up we will phone you and explain. We understand that very often you are waiting around especially for us to turn up and there is nothing more frustrating than hanging around and not knowing if, or when someone is going to turn up.

We only work on one job at a time, so once we start the work we will be there untill the work is completed. We understand that our customers want  the job completed in a minimum amount of time, not someone turning up one day then not turning up the following day because they are working on another job.

We offer fair and competitive prices for all our work, we use only the best materials which is reflected in the quality of our work. Quality materials obviously cost more than some cheaper materials which some other companies are prepared to offer. We aim to provide you with a quality product/service that is built to last not a cheap alternative that may fall apart in a few years time.

We want to be remembered by our customers as having done a good job at a reasonable price, not someone who did the job and it looked good for a while but developed problems soon after.

It is worth remembering that the cheapest quote is not always the best, you have to ask yourself why is it the cheapest quote and why are they able to do the work at such a low cost,(are they using cheap, low quality materials, are they qualified and capable of carrying the work out to a high standard ?)

All our work is carried out by uniformed, experienced, friendly workmen. We have invested in a full range of garden machinery to ensure that all work is undertaken with professionalism and care ensuring jobs are completed on time and with the minimum of disturbance.

We pride ourselves on having the skills, knowledge, and experience to carry out all your garden work no matter how big or small the job.