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Pizza/ Wood fired Ovens

We have seen a big rise in demand for outdoor kitchen and woodfire pizza ovens in recent years. The outdoor wood fired ovens provide an ideal alternative to a bbq as they are far more versatile and offer a whole range of cooking options including, slow cooking meat and casseroles, bread, pizzas, chickens as well as all the usual meat, fish, the possibilities are endless.


The beauty of the ovens is that they can be built in and customised to suit any garden and outdoor space, whether you want a small oven to suit two people or a very large oven to cook multuiple pizzas at the same time. We have been incorperating these ovens into the gardens we build for many years and can customise the oven to suit your needs, whether you want food preperation areas, log storage, fridges etc there are endless possibilities.


Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements by emailing us at info@npgls.co.uk