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We have been building and installing a wide variety of decks  for over 17 years, making us one of South Wales longest established decking installers. These days there are a wide variety of materials available to build your deck. We have seen a great increase in the number of composite decking areas we are installing over the last few years. This is mostly down to the fact that it is virtually maintenance free and maintains its high quality finish for years to come.

Cedar decking  stone cladding

We are South Wales and Cardiffs first and only Millboard decking approved installers having gone through Millboards intense vetting and training scheme to ensure their decking products are installed to the highest standards.

 We have been installing Millboard decking products for many years, there are many other composite decking products on the market these days, nearly all of which we have fitted at some point over the last 17 years and none of which match up the quality and appearance of Millboard. Millboard in a British, family-owned company who produce composite decking. Its an extremely versatile  product that can be used in almost any outdoor space. It can be used to create roof gardens, decking areas, seating, planters, bridges and much more.

Millboard is finished with Lastane to ensure that it is highly resitant to everyday wear and tear like scratches and staining from food and drink. Because Millboard is made from non-porous composite (unlike many other composite decking) it requires very little maintenance and resists mossy build, as well as algae growth and stains. Millboard decking is a very safe choice for outdoor areas as it has the highest slip resistance of any other composite decking or timber equivilant, even in wet conditions. With there being no wood content there is also no risk of any splinters so is ideal for around pools and hot tubs where you are likely to be walking bare foot.

There are two main styles of Millboard decking, their Enhanced grain and Vintage range both of which come in a variety of colours to suit any outdoor space.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to arrange a quotation to see samples of decking or to see examples of the many Millboard decking projects we have undertaken. As Millboards only Approved installers in the area we are the only  company Millboard would approve to carry out your dream decking project.

To see Millboards extensive range of products please clink on the link- www.millboard.co.uk



We still install a huge amount of softwood and hardwood decking areas. We think that the type of decking you choose should come down to three main factors:


  1.   Budget - this will always be the main influencing factor, however it is always worth bearing in mind the long term financial implications. For example a standard softwood decking area will require regular maintenance and upkeep, resulting in time and money for treatments and cleaners to keep your decking looking look. A composite deck will cost more for the initial installation but will cost nothing to maintain for the next 20 years, so things like this are worth considering when deciding on your decking choice. At the end of the day, as the old saying goes "you get what you pay for" and this  definitely applies with deckboards.


2.    Style  - everyone has their own opinion on what finish they like, whether its a natural softwood or a stylish looking hardwood. Composite decking will always suit someone who want an impressive looking finish but doesn't have the time or want the hassle of painting and maintaining their decking area.


3.    Use  - the type of decking you chose will partly be determined by what you want to use it for. For instance if you are planning to deck around a pool or hot tub and will be spending a lot of time bare foot its worth considering going for smooth deckboards as it will be smooth under foot. You will also  need to bear in mind the slip resistance of the deckboard. Some of the composite deck-boards have very good slip resistance properties and area commonly used in theme parks around water rides for this reason. You would not want to spend more money than is necessary for a utility area such as a decked storage area or down the side of the house.



We only build our decks using a minimum of 150mm x 50mm fully treated framework (if not bigger for elevated decks and balconies.) Many companies will use smaller joist work which will make their prices more competitive, but there is no point having a cheaper deck using inadequate timbers that will bounce and will have a limited lifespan. We like to build our decks to last. 



Below shows a composite decking area nearing completion. It shows the 150mm x 50mm framework with a joist span of 40cm.




   Below is the same deck once completed


This deck was designed with a 45 degree board direction on the main area to create interest, and then the boards running the other way for the walk way. Low voltage LED lighting was also installed to make the deck usable in the evenings and look stylish after dark.




Your decking can be built to incorporate a number of different customized features. These can be anything from raised planters/ lighting/ hot tubs/ water features/seating/balustrade/pergolas etc the list is endless.



The above pictures show how raised beds can add colour and interest to your deck.




Water features and ponds can also be integrated into your decking area. Not only do they add visual interest, but you cant beat the calming sound of a water feature when sitting out on your deck.



Low voltage LED lighting is something we regularly install in our decks. Not only does it look good in the evening, but it can also be a good security feature. Some of the lights we install are sensitive to vibration and noise and will come on when the deck is walked on. It doesn't have to be expensive either with prices starting from £15 per light for supply and installation. You are not limited to the amount of lights you have or even the colour as most of our lights come with multi settings to change the colours as and when it suits you.




Balustrade is often a necessary requirement when having a deck installed above ground level, but is also a good way of finishing of a ground level decking area. We normally recommend a lower balustrade for ground level deck as it will be less intrusive and wont make you feel enclosed as some higher standard balustrades can do. The other advantages of the low balustrade is that it can be sat on or used to rest drinks etc on.


Below is a couple of examples of the low balustrade, which can be designed to what ever height suits your requirements.




Glass and stainless steel wire balustrade are also popular options when you dont want to impair your vision or spoil a great view. They can also make a smaller area feel less enclosed as they dont have the restrictive feel that wooden balustrade can have on smaller raised decks.